Thursday, March 15, 2007

I caved and bought a George Foreman grill today, in part because I like George Foreman. He just seems so excited about the whole thing. This model, the "Family Size in Grilling Colors", has a "bun warmer" atop it. Even though it's significantly larger than the "Champ" model is and only $7 more, I still feel ripped off because of that "bun warmer". It's a profoundly useless feature. I guess I value economy - that is, I believe that which can be safely removed should be. If it had been the same price but sans the "bun warmer", though, I'd be singing a different, happier tune. Surely this reveals something about me as a person.

The household is abuzz this week with talk of moving. Paul is looking back towards Colorado - he's itching to return to academia. Brian might be moving in with his buddy Anthony in Chelsea, the lucky bastard. Hilary has no clear plan and may yet stay here, and as for me, I'm looking for a cheap studio in a safe neighborhood. A studio or, if I can rope in a roommate, a two bedroom. I'd rather not pay $1000+/mo. for rent if I can help it, especially since my business isn't the stablest of all businesses.

In other news: allergies have me all mixed-up lately.



Blogger D said...

AHA! I'm pleased to have found you again.

And, don't discount that bunwarmer until you've put a warm bun in your mouth and felt it melt. It could be a great thing.

2:49 PM  

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