Friday, April 13, 2007

A new Elliott Smith record - that is, a new record of Elliott Smith sides - is shipping May 1st from KRS HQ. The tracks are mostly old news, b-sides and demos that've been floating around ad nauseum since the dawn of P2P, but there are several there I don't recognize as well - "New Monkey", "Riot Coming", "All Cleaned Out", and a few others. The art looks bizzarely friendly, mostly because Elliott's meek, lonely visage doesn't figure prominently as is usually the case. I'm not gonna pretend I'm not psyched by this thing. Elliott Smith is a big musical hero of mine. I'm thinking I'm gonna pick it up on vinyl and grab the MP3s from somewheres in the meantime.


Most of the time, I love being self-employed. The freedom is extremely satisfying - I could never suffer working under someone else at this point. However, there are some drawbacks. Health insurance, for one, is more or less an impossibility for a relatively inexperienced freelancer like myself. "Spending money" isn't always there - hell, it's hard to even save for anything. But perhaps the worst is the tax situation.
<!--begin complaining--!>
I didn't save a solitary nickel for taxes this year, which means I'm gonna get real fucked. Not only that, but I worked a normal job and two separate "self-employed" jobs, so I have to fill out like ten forms.
<!--end complaining--!>




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