Saturday, April 28, 2007

First things first: my phone's been partially shut off. In a mischievious twist, Verizon has made it so I can receive text messages and phone calls but I can't make them myself. In the words of the Pharcyde, "Aw, shit!"

Last night I saw the devil's own show at the Silent Barn. Chrissakes. Fact: the Dirty Projectors, when performing as a band, are actually mindblowing. I was shocked. Easily the best thing all night. The Shape of Folk to Come, all derelict guitarwork and intricately askew stomps and unbelievable female harmonies. Fact: Awesome Color were also the best thing all night, but for completely different reasons. They basically played four riffs ("songs") for about thirty minutes, but energy-wise it was comparable to Les Savy Fav. Slam-dancing, crowd-surfing, little girls being thrown into drumsets. The speakers almost toppled over several times. Crazy shit.

Black Moth Super Rainbow also played, and they were pretty alright. I missed Deerhunter.

The thing about this show was that the venue only comfortably holds 150 and there were 400+ in there. Without any windows open or anything. It was like being in the hold of a slave ship, only with good live music and less scurvy (though equal vomiting, probably).

What else: I finished my mix for Dina and sent it off yesterday. I put in an app for an artists co-op in the Northwest as well. I saw Altman's The Long Goodbye on Thursday and must emphatically tell everyone who will hear me to rent it. Oh yeah, and my phone was shut off. But you knew that already.



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