Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I've been just stupidly skint the last couple of days. But things are swell. Last week was an extremely effective week for Ryan M. I was completing projects right and left: I averaged a card a day, sent off a mix to Dina, sent off a resume to the worker's co-op up in Anacortes that I'm angling to join. I wrote or recorded or re-recorded three songs.

So the Other Plan, if this worker's co-op deal doesn't pan out, was and is to move to Olympia, WA. My roommate-to-be has copped out for lack of fiscal power, but I have an Other Plan (B) and even an Other Plan (C). Other Plan (B) involves moving up with a friend of mine who just graduated from Vassar. She, too, has at least three potential plans going on, so it's not a very dependable plan. Other Plan (C) is a pretty heavy one, though I could hack it if I had to. It involves me moving up to Olympia alone and renting a small studio, alone.

I think I'm gonna send the Department of Safety folks some brownies and maybe a few mix CDs. I could send them the mix I made for Dina, and I'm working on a second mix that I've tentatively titled "Miscegenation Celebration." Is that sort of reappropriation of a vaguely perjorative term considered "black humor"? Maybe I should reconsider.



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