Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anacortes or Olympia? Anacortes or Olympia? It's driving me crazy. There's just so much involved in the decision at this point. I need to talk it over with a good listener.

Anacortes (specifically, the Department of Safety):
1) Immediate opportunities for meeting new people.
2) More likely to build character and provide new experiences as I'll be a worker/resident and thus will be performing maintenance duties, helping set up shows, etc.
3) A very real chance of meeting and collaborating with several recording artists I respect.
4) Essentially a positive environment to learn and grow in.
5) A unique opporunity - I don't foresee myself getting the chance to live in such a situation again anytime soon.

1) I'd be living in a house and thus could unload and set up all of the stuff I have collecting dust in my mom's basement.
2) I'd be able to set up my drumset and amplifier and play more or less whenever I wanted to.
3) I'd have access to theaters, libraries, and so on that Anacortes likely wouldn't have.
4) I'd have relative privacy.

It comes down to my character, I guess. Both places present interesting challenges. If I move to Olympia, I'll have to really reach out in order to succeed. If I move to Anacortes, I'll have to be open and positive near-constantly. Which would benefit me more? What do I want right now? I'll get back to you, I guess.



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