Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a been more than a year since I last posted here at The Floating Opera, so I should probably give my audience (assuming they're still around) some kind of summary/synopsis/update. Here's a short one:

I moved to the Department of Safety in Anacortes, WA, in mid-August of 2007. I was very excited about the place at first, but my always-tentative money situation and the state of the organization crippled that enthusiasm significantly by the beginning of the new year. In November, I started having long phone conversations with Dina, a girl I'd taken a class with at the University of Iowa who I'd stayed in contact with via e-mails and mix CDs. We ended up falling in love with each other and moving in together. We're living in Sunnyvale, CA, right in the middle of Silicon Valley; starting in August, she will be teaching at Fremont High School here in town, and I will be in an entry-level position at Google.

The Google thing is recent. I spent about a month looking for jobs before I got realistic, signed up with a few staffing agencies, and got this gig. It's not glamorous at all, nor does it pay well - unless I get a raise very quickly, I'm going to have to continue to freelance on the side. (This comes as a bit of a blow to me. The main reason I got a "straight job" is so I wouldn't have to freelance anymore.) Still, it's Google, and I'm psyched about that. I'm going to make the best of the situation, and who knows? Maybe it'll be awesome.

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